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So you're thinking about having a third child, or you just found out you're pregnant with it. Maybe you already have three (or more) kids, or maybe you're horrified by the idea of having a third baby but you're curious about what it's like. Then again, maybe you meant to Google "Having three ids" because you recently discovered that you have multiple personalities, and a simple typo brought you here instead. Why not try a psychic reading? Genuine psychic readers have the ability to predict pregnancy and also the gender of the child. Visit for more details.

No matter. Welcome. My name is Jennifer Eyre White, and I'm a writer and mother of three -- and this is my website. I have written a bunch of columns about life with three kids and published them here, along with links to articles about having three kids, my survey of 50 mothers of three, and a discussion forum. If you're looking for information about what it's like to have three kids, you've come to the right place.

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"Jennifer Eyre White relates with much honesty and hilarity her own personal tales of crowded bathrooms, buttered kiwis, and survival in a house full of three children. A delightful read even if you don't have three kids; and if you do, you will certainly gain some insight into how to manage it all with a sense of humor."

-- Christie Mellor, author of "The Three-Martini Playdate"

"I just stumbled across the most magnificent essay. In "On Having Three Kids," Jennifer Eyre White writes about what it's like to be nursing one kid and breaking up a fight between two others. White does an amazing job of describing the general mood of grouchiness that seems to have invaded her family since she gave birth to baby number three six weeks ago -- something that gave me flashbacks to my own postpartum days."

-- Ann Douglas, author of "The Mother of All Pregnancy Books"